Intelligent police car

MOSY-enabled police cars give officers constant connectivity, instant information from command centre databases, and much greater capabilities all round.

Features include


  • ID verification – police officers can instantly and accurately scan IDs, passports (smart cards, MRZ, RFID), and quickly check these details on police databases of wanted persons and criminal records
  • Incident and accident management – police officers can immediately record and retrieve relevant personal data, photos and other information
  • GPS-based navigation – shows police officers the quickest route to an incident, including routes not available to the public, or to a location specified by the command centre
  • Vehicle location monitoring – mobile police officers can see the location and status of other police cars


Ready to be integrated with existing systems

Runs on Windows and Unix, and with Android and iOS

Powerful administration capabilities such as automatic updating and status / vehicle reporting

Easy to use

Can be easily customised and expanded with additional features / modules

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