Mobile police officer

Around the world, police officers usually have to carry many devices, hampering their movement and potentially making them more vulnerable in certain situations. By contrast, MOSY-enabled police officers carry just one multifunction smartphone. They have everything they need to do their jobs, there and then, making them much more efficient and effective.

Features include

Fine management fines can be quickly prepared (assisted by MOSY’s autofill capability), issued on the spot and recorded on the command centre database

Automatic reporting the system produces daily patrol duty reports, which are saved at the command centre

Internal wiki easily accessible police knowledge base of useful information such as procedures and traffic laws

Maps and position users are visible on a map and they can see where the other officers are

Collaboration and chat rapid communication of messages, photos and other information between police units, and with the command centre



Easy to use


Ready to be integrated with existing systems


Can be easily customised and expanded with additional features / modules


Powerful administration capabilities such as automatic updating and status reporting

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