More efficient speed measurement or biometrics-based identity verification? All possible with Mosy!

In line with our innovation strategy and with goal to provide our customers with solutions bringing as much benefit to their operations, processes and practices as possible, we are actually enhancing our Intelligent Police Car solution with improved or new functionality. The below mentioned functionality is already commercially available or will be available during autumn 2021 and spring 2022.

MOSY Modular (“light”) solution

With this evolution of the solution architecture we introduce more distributed data processing. The central in-vehicle component – telematics automotive computer Q*box is replaced with micro-processing units (MPU). Each MPU processes (video) data from one ANPR camera or two video surveillance cameras or data from other sources (radar, biometrics scanning devices). The number of MPU’s installed in the vehicle depends on the number of ANPR and video cameras requested. It allows for true modularity and optimization of the installation complexity. Besides the 360˚ view for the video surveillance it enables also installation of 4 or even more ANPR cameras.


For our existing mobile (in-vehicle) speed measurement system with Doppler radar we introduce a new, more efficient, smaller and easier-to-install Doppler radar sensor operating in the 77 GHz band. It enables us to measure speed of more targets (vehicles) in parallel and optimize the installation.

speed measurement drawing


With this new functionality we introduce section-based mobile (in-vehicle) speed measurement. The system does not measure immediate speed of the target vehicle with Doppler radar but calculates its average speed during short time interval/distance travelled using data from the video surveillance and ANPR cameras and comparing the speed of the target vehicle with own speed obtained from high precision GNSS/INS module.

The functionality allows for improved installation and operational efficiency, as there is no need to install and maintain sensitive radar sensor.

Biometrics-based identity verification

The MOSY solution allows for verification of the identity by scanning documents with the MRZ and RFID reader installed in the vehicle.  Now we introduce in cooperation with our partners Innovatrics and Coppernic biometrics data scanning in order to verify identity.

In order to comply with the European Commission directive, the patrol officers will be able to scan documents and fingerprints and check this data against central lustration DB using special Coppernic mobile device.

Also, video surveillance cameras of the MOSY solution installed in standing or slowly-moving patrol vehicle will be able to use face recognition technology to find/identify people who are searched.

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