We are part of the 7th annual Critical Control Rooms in Prague.

We are proud to announce you, that MOSY is the part of the 7th annual Critical Control Rooms, that will take place in Prague on 5th to 7th December, 2016 as an associate sponsor. It is the unique opportunity to meet more than 50 control room decision makers in one place. We are looking forward to hear and participate on the best practice sharing, interactive working groups and discussions about the latest trends in the field.

This is the only event that covers all aspects of Critical Control Rooms development – focusing on processes, technology, environment, design and people. It is our pleasure to present our case study named „Intelligent Police Car that brought police to the 21st Century. “ The case study will be delivered by Jan Gero, who is Manager of Mosy division in Soitron. We are looking forward to meet you in Prague.