Q*BOX is more than an in-vehicle computer

Mosy Q*box

Today, most police vehicles are equipped with a complex mix of technologies ranging from basic video recording technologies to automatic licence plate recognition (ALPR) and navigation systems. Q*Box solves this issue by providing a single piece of hardware that can be rapidly, and securely, integrated withing any police vehicle.

Q*Box is a communication platform that connects any external device (video cameras, ALPR systems, or other devices) to a police vehicle, and also communicates with other vehicles and the command centre. It includes vehicle power management functionality and connects via WiFi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth and LAN.


One device and 4 funcionalities


Q*BOX is a powerful computer in the first place. It is equipped with Intel Core i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics and minimum of 8GB internal memory. Operating system and data can be stored in 3 SSD hard drives (2 of them removable and optional). It is a fully ruggedised device (IP54 with cable cover), fanless and designed to be used inside vehicles.

Mosy computer


Q*BOX serves as a hub not only for communication, but also for the power supply purposes. On a separate power management board, it is able to monitor the main car battery and secondary back up battery. It manages also the power supply of all devices connected to the Q*BOX. The parameters and triggers when a particular device or the whole Q*BOX will shut down can be configured.

Q*Box Power Management


Q*BOX provides connectivity for all future devices required in police vehicles (cameras, printer, keyboard, microphone, body cams, etc). It serves as the central hub for video and data processing (LAN, USB, DIDO/AI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). With the outside world, it connects through GSM 3G or 4G platform.

Q*Box communication platform


Q*BOX allows real-time reporting on vehicles activity. It contains a GPS, or GLONASS chip, to track the vehicle’s position. To get more information about the vehicle, it provides information from the accelerometer. Several digital and analog inputs allow tracking almost any events that happen in the vehicle (door open, blue lights on/off, etc.).

Q*Box location


Mounting kits


Cable cover to improve dust resistance

Different cabling connectors options


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