Mobile speed measurement

MOSY radar-based mobile speed measurement improves road safety and saves lives. On all types of roads and in urban and rural areas, there is a clear need for effective speed measurement and enforcement.


most common reason for road accidents in the US is speeding.


of fatal car crashes in the UK are due to excessive speed.


Patrol vehicles are equipped with a Doppler radar antenna, Evidence camera and Radar control unit (computer). The radar antenna captures vehicles on the left side of the patrol car. If the measured vehicle was driving above defined threshold, evidence package with metadata, photos or even video sequence is created. System works during day and night, during driving or being stationary, in both approaching and receding directions, up to the second or third lane. Own speed is measured by the same Radar antenna, from the ground reflections.

speed measurement drawing

Features and advantages

Speed measuring while moving or stationary

Measurement of approaching and receding traffic, and in two traffic lanes

Speeds monitored in two traffic lanes

Works day and night

Provides photographs as evidence


Fast and highly accurate

Intuitive operation and easy to use

Easily integrated with other intelligent police car features


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