m*Command is an easy-to-implement, modern and modular CAD system.


m*Command provides command centres with real-time visibility of police officers and vehicles on a live map. It also helps with managing incidents and its business intelligence tool provides instant access to critical information (vehicle registration details, penalty fines, criminal histories and videos).

Technical specifications

  • Works as a web-based application or installed executable
  • Executable version runs on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Web-based version requires Chrome or Safari browser
  • Server operates with Windows/UNIX
  • Ready to integrate with existing and future systems
  • Multi-language platform (easy translation into any language)
  • Online overview of activities on clients and devices


Police command cetres across the globe rely computer aided dispatch (CAD) technology to manage police vehicles and officers. We offer owerful, easy-to-implement and modular CAD system that supports collaboration with police officers in the field.

  • Incident handling and assignment to mobile units
  • Live camera preview accessible for any mobile unit
  • Police fleet monitoring
  • Navigation with emergency maps
  • Dashboard statistics

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