Is Intelligent police car impossible in Germany?

IMG_0233Last week we presented our Intelligent Police Car at the exhibition GPEC 2016 in Leipzig, Germany. Our solution attracted a lot of attention. Most of the visitors were police officers who liked it very much. Why not? It is designed to help when they are on duty: it displays other units on map, allows messaging between officers and command centre, records video, automatically recognizes other license plates, it enables to read IDs and provide access to police database, manages incidents from dispatching system, helps with reporting and much more.

This all is already developed on a modular, compact and modern Software platform which allows easy integration with existing systems. Moreover, it was designed with and for police officers.

At the exhibition, there was no one who wouldn’t like this solution. Anyhow, almost all of the German visitors (police officers) had two main worries. They said it is not possible to implement it in Germany, due to:

  1. Data protection restrictions and;
  2. Low budgets

Let me address these issues

First of all – data protection. Generally, in Germany data protection is on a very high level. However, all technology should be introduced in order to protect people and to give them better and faster service. Yes, the continuous video recording may not be allowed in Germany, but partial video sequences are allowed and might be very helpful. Many claim that the automatic license plate recognition is forbidden. How come that in some Bundes-states it is already running? Our solution is not accessing all cars, we are looking only for suspected vehicles and then control only those. There are great opportunities with using this technology, but whether it is to be used depends only on the will-power of the police.

Secondly, low budgets. Here I must confirm that people usually think of such solution as very expensive one. However, our intention is the very opposite. We are creating technology for people. There shouldn’t be just a few vehicles equipped with high tech, but all of them. Therefore, we are looking for a way to create inexpensive, yet still high-class and secure products. We created 2 modular platforms (SW and HW) for the special purpose of police vehicles. It is much cheaper to adapt these platforms than to redevelop a similar solution from scratch.

This year on May we released already a third generation of our products. If you like to have an update of what is new and what has changed, do not hesitate to contact us.