How we drove our intelligent car all the way to Chicago

You have been through that so many times! Investing all your working energy and too much of your private time. But you don’t care, because you believe in the idea and you have a goal. This is how our story of intelligent cars started.  They were born in Slovakia before 2012. Back then we started to work on the project, at the end of which we implemented intelligent software and hardware to more than 2000 police cars.

The unique intelligent software inside the car is able to record video, recognizes passing car plates, detects stolen cars, communicates with a Command Centre or searches in police databases and much more.

Slovakia is a small country and the fact that we invested so much effort and energy into this project, forced us to go abroad. Since the beginning of the year we traveled across Central and Eastern Europe and we got our first contacts also in Western Europe. Even though the police works similarly almost everywhere, but there are still significant differences. To complete our puzzle of knowledge we gained on our trips, we decided to test our software overseas, in Chicago. Together with our business partner, Sygic – navigation systems developers, we decided to exhibit at the biggest police exhibition in the USA, organized by International Association of Chiefs of Police.

We dig deep into how the Police in the US works, we experienced the reaction of American officers on our system and last but not least we had a chance to compare our system with the competition. US police cars have been equipped by in-car video systems already for some time, while laptops are mostly part of it, as well.  However our solution is provided by a user friendly interface specially developed for the work inside the car. And we offer a wide variety of integrated modules and functions. These facts differ us from the others and we certainly have the most complex solution for police cars.

Now we are looking forward for our next great show – the World Exhibition of Internal State Security Milipol in Paris, taking place from 17th to 20th November. You are all very welcome to meet us at our exhibition stand, number 5J 192.

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