On MOSY-enabled police cars, continuous video recording is a key capability. This provides high-quality evidence material, helping police officers to fight crime and potentially deter crime, and helping people to feel safer.

How it works

Compact wide-angle overview cameras are installed inside the car to cover the area in front and behind of the police vehicle. Video starts recording automatically, without user’s interaction. It cannot be paused, stopped, edited or deleted. Users however are able to play and browse the video recordings.

Continuous video recording supports identification of traffic rules violations, increases safety of police officers and helps fighting corruption.


Constant recording, which users cannot turn on or off

Optional live streaming to the command centre and other users

Automated and manual markers for video browsing and playing

Integrated archiving of video recordings

Instant browsing on the spot from the archive

Video recordings supplemented by logging of all events, including siren and blue light activation, ANPR hits and ID checks

Configurable recording, streaming and storage quality


Increasing safety of the police officers

Increasing efficiency of police officers

Fighting bribery

Provides rich evidence material for citizen disputes



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