On MOSY-enabled police cars, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) / automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) greatly increases mobile police officers’ information processing and crime fighting capabilities.


When out on patrol, police officers can instantly check for stolen and fleeing vehicles, non-insured vehicles, unpaid tolls and fines, traffic and parking zone eligibility, and roadworthiness, safety and emission test status – and any other hotlist criteria.

ANPR has major benefits. According to statistics of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, up to 70% of serious crime is linked to the theft of motor vehicles or their use in committing crimes. Analyses and statistics show that ANPR systems are particularly useful in locating stolen cars and missing persons, and with investigating robberies and kidnappings.

Features and advantages

Automatic and continuous scanning of vehicles in front, behind and nearby, day or night

One or more cameras fitted, depending on customer requirements

Cameras mounted on the car roof, or inside the car

Next-lane recognition – either in the same or opposite direction and at up to 250km/h relative speed

Semi-automatic recognition – a smartphone or tablet camera can check number plates

Side recognition – uses side cameras to identify parked vehicles in a car park or on the street


Camera – captures violation images as evidence

Intuitive and easy to use

Proved highly successful when used by police forces

Rapid integration with an existing hotlist, or manual hotlist management through MOSY’s back office system, m*Office


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